SunX MaltaClimate Friendly Travel 2050 Ambitions Registry

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SunX Malta Climate Friendly Travel 2050 Ambitions Registry

Support Resources

  • Innovation hub

    Innovation hub

    The innovation hub has two types of information. We are posting global innovations related to Travel & Tourism from anywhere in the world, and typically, these are web-links to the original article, with a title. We are continuously updating and expanding this cache of information. We are also asking registered parties if they have anything that is particularly innovative. One of the questions in Part B of the Registration asks to list any such innovative developments, and we will reflect those in the innovation hub as well.

  • Innovation hub

    Strategy hub

    The Strategy Hub provides access to global, regional and national strategic developments with regards to sustainable development and climate action. The strategic information may not be directly applicable to registered parties, but it provides the background or the context for the development of carbon reduction plans.

  • Innovation hub

    Learning hub

    The Learning Hub contains a curated collection of multi-media content around the Paris Climate Accord and the other 16 Sustainable Development Goals. We draw on the vast array of publicly available videos, speeches, and research reports being produced by leading organisations and individuals inside and outside the sector.

  • Innovation hub

    Advisory Services Hub

    The Advisory Services Hub provides help to develop sustainability plans and carbon reduction strategies. It has three sections.

    • A listing of SDG17 partners who have signed an agreement with SUNx Malta to mutually advance Climate Friendly Travel and form a network of support to registered companies
    • A list of consultants that can provide sustainability assessment services and help companies to work out carbon footprints. The Climate Friendly Travel Registry and SUNx Malta have no commercial or other relationships with any of these companies, but we have selected them as we believe they are credible organisations. We have no control over the conditions of service under which they operate, and we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for services or advice provided by these companies.
    • A Guidance Documents section with links to practical guidance documents that may be useful for the development of sustainability and carbon reduction plans.


  • Innovation hub

    Visibility Hub

    Visibility hub

    The visibility hub provides marketing and visibility opportunities through SUNx Malta outreach and through partnership agreements with relevant organisations.