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Climate Friendly Travel 2050 Ambitions Registry

SUNx Malta "Climate Friendly Travel" Programme

SUNx Malta is a not for profit, EU based organization, partnered with the Government of Malta that has created a unique, low-cost system for companies and communities to help them transform to the New Climate Economy.

We continue the vision of our mentor, the late Maurice Strong – Climate Activist and Sustainable Development pioneer, to transform travel and tourism through acting as a conduit to mainstream UN Climate & Sustainability targets.

To achieve this we:

  • Advance and enable “Climate Friendly Travel” ~ Low Carbon: SDG linked: Paris 1.5 trajectory;
  • Deliver an annual State of the Sector Report and related Think Tank;
  • Have started a Climate Friendly Travel graduate Diploma with the Institute for Tourism Studies in Malta and will train 100,000 Strong Climate Champions by 2030;
  • Are organising an annual virtual youth summit on Climate Friendly Travel – called the Strong Earth Youth Summit (SEYS) after Maurice Strong. Speakers will include climate activists and thought leaders in Climate Resilient and Sustainable Tourism; and
  • Launched a global Registry for 2050 Climate Neutral and Sustainability Ambitions to be the Travel & Tourism entry point to the UNFCCC Climate Action Portal.

Climate Friendly Travel


Commit - Enter – Support – Inspire

SUNx Malta has developed a "Climate Friendly Travel Framework" which is set out below and which provides a simple 4 STEP approach for any Travel & Tourism company or community – no matter its size or location – to make the transformation to Low Carbon: SDG linked: Paris 1.5 operations, on its own terms and at its own pace.

This Registry is a vital component of that Framework.

For more details see

Climate Friendly Travel

Why a Travel & Tourism Registry?

The idea of a Climate Neutral 2050 Ambitions Registry was built into the Paris 2015 Agreement, as a way for Parties to declare and increase their carbon reduction ambitions through 2050, so keeping global temperatures at levels suitable for human survival.

These so called Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC), are then filed and routinely updated on the UNFCCC Registry.

At the same time the Registry was extended to non-state actors – regions, cities, companies, etc – incorporating an earlier UNEP initiative aimed at stakeholders.

In our first sector review in 2019, SUNx Malta highlighted this process, noting the limited engagement of Travel & Tourism stakeholders. Subsequently we agreed with UNFCCC to create a discrete Registry, to serve as a UNFCCC conduit, enabling full participation in the mainstream global Climate Action program.

How will Travel & Tourism stakeholders engage?

  • Commit to Climate Friendly Travel – low carbon; SDG linked; Paris 1.5 trajectory.
  • Establish a process for fact-based measurements.
  • Create a Plan for implementation of progressive reduction.
  • File the Plan on the SUNx Malta Climate Friendly Travel Registry.
  • Receive complimentary help from the Registry Services and its Support Hubs.

How will it work?

The Registry will be open to all Travel & Tourism companies and communities, whether or not they have created a 2050 Carbon Neutral Ambition yet. It will cover transport, hospitality, travel service and infrastructure providers – from the smallest to the largest.

Registrants will have two years to benefit from the knowledge and support systems, as information in our innovation, strategy, learning and visibility Hubs, to develop their plans.

Registrants already embarked on a 2050 Plan will be able to simply incorporate details in the Registry, with little or no extra work and to cross reference any other mainstream Carbon Reduction initiatives in which they are involved.

This Registry is complementary to such initiatives and will serve as a conduit for the sector into mainstream climate policy, as reflected in UNFCCC programs and the Global Climate Action Platform.

  • All Registrants must fill in Part A to express support for Climate Friendly Travel and a general Climate Neutral 2050 Ambition.
  • You then have up to two years to learn about the ways to do this and prepare to register a detailed carbon reduction plan
  • Advanced Registrants who are ready with a plan now - including those in other similar programs -- must fill in Part B in addition
  • All Registrants will be shown on the interactive maps which form the base of our public information system and are linked to the UNFCCC Climate Action Portal.
  • If you want to chat to a member of our team please continue here, or leave your email address and/or phone number and we will get back to you.
  • Thank you for helping to make a better world for our Kids