SunX Malta
Climate Friendly Travel 2050 Ambitions Registry

Helping Companies and Communities to

  • Link to the U.N. climate Portal
  • Integrate the SDGs & Paris 1.5°
  • Control energy costs
  • Meet growing green customer demand
  • Reach clear climate targets & monitor progress
  • Prepare for new Climate Laws, ahead of the curve

A Climate Neutral 2050 Ambitions Registry for States to declare carbon reduction was built into the Paris 2015 Agreement. Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) are filed on the UN Climate Action Portal. Extended to regions, cities, companies.

SUNx Malta conceived Climate Friendly Travel (CFT), built on the pillars of Sustainability (SDG) & Climate Resilience (Paris 1.5) These UN Programs have targets, indicators & timeframes. The SUNx Malta CFT Registry is the entry point for Travel & Tourism to the UN system, as well as a support for Travel & Tourism companies and communities.