Part A

Declaration - for all registrants

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Climate Friendly Travel Commitment



That the Climate Crisis is existential


Climate Friendly Travel

  • Low carbon
  • SDG Linked
  • Paris 1.5 Trajectory


A 2050 Climate Neutral Ambition


SUNx Malta 2050 Ambitions Register, updates annually, and builds into government strategy.

2050 Goal

Climate Neutral with an ultimate zero GHG ambition


Will assess and report a baseline carbon and other GHG ambition

Interim 2030 (%)

Will reduce from Baseline by 50% at least

Interim 2040 (%)

Will reduce from Baseline by 75% at least

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  • All Registrants should complete Part A. the basic commitment to Climate Friendly Travel and Climate Neutral 2050 Ambition. They will have 2 years to adapt and define their Climate Friendly Travel Plans.
  • More Advanced Registrants, with Climate Neutral 2050 Plans in place, should also complete Part B, with details of their Resilience programs & practices
  • Select a sector from one of the options available, Transport, Hospitality, Travel Services, Infrastructure, if in doubt about your sector select Travel Services.
  • Data that is entered into Part B will be locked automatically when it is uploaded and saved. The Registry will unlock all data for the first three months of the calendar year to enable edits, updates and corrections.
  • For more information and help consult

Note Interim figures will track EU Green New Deal