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Part A

Declaration - for all registrants

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Climate Friendly Travel Commitment



That the Climate Crisis is existential


Climate Friendly Travel

  • Low carbon
  • SDG Linked
  • Paris 1.5 Trajectory


A 2050 Climate Neutral Ambition


SUNx Malta 2050 Ambitions Register, updates annually, and builds into government strategy.

2050 Goal

Climate Neutral with an ultimate zero GHG ambition


Will assess and report a baseline carbon and other GHG ambition

Interim 2030 (%)

Will reduce from Baseline by 50% at least

Interim 2040 (%)

Will reduce from Baseline by 75% at least

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  • All Registrants should complete Part A. the basic commitment to Climate Friendly Travel and Climate Neutral 2050 Ambition. They will have 2 years to adapt and define their Climate Friendly Travel Plans.
  • More Advanced Registrants, with Climate Neutral 2050 Plans in place, should also complete Part B, with details of their Resilience programs & practices
  • Select a sector from one of the options available, Transport, Hospitality, Travel Services, Infrastructure, if in doubt about your sector select Travel Services.
  • For more information and help consult

Note Interim figures will track EU Green New Deal